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Forever Covid

First Row: Alison Schwabe, Elaine Whittaker, Alison Schwabe, Tracy Gorman, Honey Mitchell.
Second Row: Tracy Gorman, Bernadette Badali, Leanne Powers, Maggie Tchir, Michèle Guevara.
Third Row: Michèle Guevara, Elaine Whittaker, Alison Schwabe, Bernadette Badali, Susan Avishai.


The Corridor Galleries
Queen Elizabeth Park Community and Cultural Centre

Oakville, Ontario, Canada


Tues. Oct. 10 - Sun. Dec. 17, 2023
Opening Reception: Sat. Oct 14, 2023 1:00 – 3:00 pm

Admission: FREE

Address: Queen Elizabeth Park Community and Cultural Centre,
2302 Bridge Road, Oakville, Ontario, Canada, L6L 2G6
Parking: Free
The building is physically accessible and inclusive.

Closest Intersection: Bridge Road & Third Line
Directions: Click Here
Parking: Free

Gallery Hours: Mon. - Sat. 10 am - 6 pm, Sun. 12 - 5 pm
Bus Tour from Toronto to Oakville: Click here.
Venue Website: Click here.


Exhibition Description

Forever Covid

This small group exhibition commemorates the Covid-19 pandemic. The lives of everyone in the world were disrupted, and some of us were changed forever. Cities appeared empty as the world ground to a halt. We sheltered in place. Seven million people around the world died. After three years, we now live in different worlds. For many, Covid no longer exists and life went back to “normal”. Some still take precautions like masking, and the medically vulnerable continue to isolate. For others it was all a hoax. Most of us took the vaccines, while some refused. What are the long-term effects? Did the world really change, or will the Covid pandemic ultimately disappear from general conscious- ness like the 1918 pandemic? For some, these lockdown months - or years, were an opportunity for self-reflection. What do I really want from my life? Who do I want to spend time with? Some people changed jobs, learned new skills, or worked from home - for good. Some people were exploited for labour, while others thrived. Imagery and themes in this show include corona viruses, variants of concern, face masks, social distancing, social bub- bles, isolation, mass graves and the repetitive days of lockdown. Some artists were productive during the pandemic years and were able to focus on their work. Artists are often quite happy to be alone in a room, but perhaps not that alone.








The Corridor Galleries at Queen Elizabeth Park Community and Cultural Centre
Oakville's wonderful cultural centre which opened in 2012 and hosted the Myth Making and Variegated Threads exhibitions for Festival 2012. The exhibition space was considerably expanded and for Festival 2014, 2016 and 2018 we had displays throughout this entire large venue. Festival 2023 will again be showing throughout the building. Be sure not to miss the Gallery show and the large installation in the Display Area Gallery and the other group shows in the the Corridor Galleries.

Special Thanks:
Gallery Liaison
: Tonia Di Risio.


Some of the Corridor Galleries at Queen Elizabeth Park Community and Cultural Centre in Oakville, Ontario.



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