Would You Like to be a Festival 2016 Volunteer?

We are always looking for help with the Festival. We currently even have international volunteers who are helping us to promote the festival and do research. Volunteer jobs can be done via the internet, or in person, or only during the actual Festival in 2014.

Contact: Dawne Rudman

We would really appreciate help with the following tasks...


During the 2016 Festival


Leading Up To The Festival



Research and Writing



Festival Organizers

Chair & Festival Curator,
Artist Interviews, Grant Writing.
Dawne Rudman

Festival Curator
Website, Designer, Artist Interviews,
Social Networking:      
Gareth Bate

Past Chair,
Jane Coryell (Past Chair)

Festival Historian
Helen Barnes

Without portfolio
Ruth Brown & Kathryn Gaj


Festival 2016

Chair & Festival Curator,
Artist Interviews, Grant Writing.
Dawne Rudman

Festival Curator
Website, Artist Interviews,
Graphic Design, Social Networking,
Gareth Bate


Exhibition Curators

Cosmic Geometry, Late in the Season,
Solo Shows and Installations, Quiet Zone 2,
Cat Walk, Kimono Road,
www: whimsical, whacky and wild

Gareth Bate and Dawne Rudman

me and you
Megan Press,
Exhibition Coordinator at the Living Arts Centre Gallery

Judith Scott
Matthew Hyland
Director of the Oakville Galleries


Galleries Liaisons:

Queen Elizabeth Park Community & Cultural Centre:
Tonia Di Risio, Dianne Pearce

Living Arts Centre:
Megan Press

Oakville Galleries:
Matthew Hyland


Festival Installers

Gareth Bate
Dawne Rudman
Daniel Miotto
Megan Press


Assistant Installers

Helen Barnes, Chris Booth, Melissa Bieman, Irene Brayne,
Ruth Brown, Jane Coryell, Carolyn Dinsmore,
Kathy Gaj, Margaret Kirwin, Ruth Luginbuehl


Festival Opening Reception

Ruth Brown
Fran Calman
Cheryl MacPherson


Gallery Sitters:

Helen Barnes
Melissa Bieman
Chris Booth
Ruth Brown
Diana Burnett
Lynne Calvert
Rosemary Clouse
Jane Coryell
Freda Cott
Donalda Fordham
Pauleen Ferenci
Kathy Gaj
Louise Gravel
Margaret Kirwin
Helen Litton
Veronica Martin
Cheryl MacPherson
Kathy Mundy
Louise Robitaille
Betty Rowley
Dawne Rudman
Ixchel Suarez