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START: Wed. March 12, 2014.
Tues. April 22, 2014 at 12:00 Midnight.

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Quiet Zone at The Gallery at Queen Elisabeth
Park Community and Cultural Centre,
Oakville, Festival 2012.


Memento mori at Sheridan Gallery, Oakville,
Festival 2012.



About Submissions

Festival Dates: Nov. 1 - Nov. 30, 2014

We are really excited to see your new work! Artists from around the world are invited to submit bodies of work, installations or individual pieces to the festival. Multiple curators will draw from the submissions to create different exhibitions. Rather than having predetermined curatorial ideas, we are going to develop thematic shows entirely out of the work we receive. In Festival 2012 we curated using this process and it worked very successfully. Your artwork could potentially inspire an entire exhibition.

Check out our previous exhibitions.

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Festival 2014 will be focused around Queen Elisabeth Park Community and Cultural Centre in Oakville, Ontario, Canada. In addition to the beautiful gallery, we will also be using the display area, hall galleries, and lobby areas of the entire facility.  We have considerably more hall space than last time. Festival 2014 will be in Oakville only and not in Toronto.

Weekly Fibre Artist Interviews: Some artists who are accepted will be invited to participate in our interview series. So far we've interviewed 110 artists.


Previous festivals have featured artists from:

Countries: Austria, Australia, Belgium, Canada, China, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Japan, Lithuania, Mexico, The Netherlands, New Zealand, Peru, Poland, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey, the United Kingdom and the United States.

Canadian provinces: Alberta, British Columbia, New Brunswick, Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, Ontario, Quebec, and Saskatchewan.


Galleries for 2014

Queen Elizabeth Park Community & Cultural Centre, Oakville

The Gallery: This beautiful space is our principle gallery. We will be mounting a major thematic group exhibition based on the submissions we receive.

The Display Area: This large open gallery can be used for both wall works and installations.

The Corridor Galleries: For the first time we will be mounting SOLO shows in the halls. This is why we are encouraging artists to submit full bodies of work. We plan to dedicate entire hallways to individual artists. Note that the halls are open to the public at all times. Work in the halls is secured to prevent theft.

Public Spaces: The facility has many open public spaces where we plan to exhibit installation work. Theses spaces are open at all times.


The Living Arts Centre Gallery, Mississauga: This is a new venue for Festival 2014.

The Oakville Galleries, Oakville. 



Chair & Festival Curator: Dawne Rudman
Festival Curator: Gareth Bate

Living Arts Centre Gallery: Megan Press

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Artist Eligibility



Frequently Asked Questions

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How to Submit



Three Options for Submitting


Submission Fee: $40 (Canadian)

This fee covers a maximum of ten pieces (10 full images and 10 details). If you would like to submit an additional round of pieces you may do another submission by paying an additional $40 (Canadian). Payment methods include PayPal, international money order and cheque.

The submission fee covers our costs and time for processing the submissions and contributes to the festival. Please note that the World of Threads Festival is organized by two dedicated volunteers. It is a not-for-profit organization. Because we don't have the revenue of a gallery we need to charge submission fees to make this event happen. Running the festival involves paying for exhibition space, promotional materials, professional installers, liability insurance for the galleries, sponsored buses and opening receptions. We receive a small grant which helps to cover our annual costs but is not sufficient to run an international art festival. We do not charge artist fees. The $40 submission fee is non-refundable.



Submission Process

1) Basic Info
2) Support Material
3) Image List
4) Images
5) Send Your Entry
6) Pay Submission Fee


1) Basic Info

FORMAT:  Word Doc submitted via email.

Answer the Following Questions:

Basic info:

What type of Submission are you sending?

1) Body of Work
2) Individual Pieces
3) Installation

Other Info:

Payment Method?
PayPal, Cheque, International Money Order

* Please indicate if the name on the credit card or paypal account is different from your own name.


2) Support Material

FORMAT:  Word Doc submitted via email.

Make sure your name and contact info are at the top of each page.


3) Image List

FORMAT:  Word Doc submitted via email.

Make sure your name and contact info is at the top of the page.

Describe each image:

Title, Date, Dimensions (H x W x D cm), Medium, Technique (e.g. woven tapestry), Photo Credit.

* Please indicate everything that the work is made of. Our viewers love this. Do not say mixed-media.

* Please indicate if the work is framed or mounted.


The image list should look like this:


1) Woven Dreams, 2013, 24 H x 32 W x 1D cm, cotton warp, mixed weft including: jute, linen, metallic threads, raffia, silk, synthetic and wool, Technique: Haute-lisse (aka Vertical or High warp) Woven Tapestry. Photo: Man Ray. Framed.

2) Detail: Woven Dreams, 2013, 24 H x 32 W x 1D cm, cotton warp, mixed weft including: jute, linen, metallic threads, raffia, silk, synthetic and wool, Technique: Haute-lisse (aka Vertical or High warp) Woven Tapestry. Photo: Man Ray. Framed.

Note: Be sure to indicate if your measurements are inches or centimeters.


4) Images

FORMAT: Jpgs (Do not embed the images in a word doc or pdf.)

Submitted attached in an email.

Jpgs should be numbered and labeled like this:

Documentation Guidelines:

NEW NOTE: The specifications against dark or coloured backgrounds and including the edges are our ideal for looking at the work. If the work has been photographed in advance and it is impossible to reshoot them, then we will accept it. But we will probably ask you to submit a casual photo against white in advance of confirming your acceptance. We have found in the past that dark and coloured backgrounds can greatly distort the look of the work by presenting it in a way that it would never appear in a gallery.


5) Send Your Entry


6) Pay Submission Fee

Methods of Payment:



Awesome! We look forward to seeing your new work!

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First check our Frequently Asked Questions.