Our new series of interviews will feature curators of fibe art exhibitions. We are committed to creating a comprehensive archive of the most exciting fibre artists and curators in the world. For 110 weeks we have been interviewing a new local, national or international fibre artist. Interviews published by Dawne Rudman and Gareth Bate. Thousands of people have subscribed from 63 countries.


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Dawne Rudman, Festival Chair of the World of Threads Festival    
1  Dawne Rudman   2  Evan Tyler   03  Stanzie Tooth
Quiet Zone at The Gallery at QEPCCC   Where were you when Amy Winehouse Died?   Material Connections
Oakville, Ontario, Canada   at gallerywest, Toronto, Ontario.   at Lonsdale Gallery, Toronto, Ontario.
4  Gareth Bate (Part 1)   5  Gareth Bate (Part 2)    
Memento mori atThe Gallery   De rerum natura (On The Nature of Things)    
at Sheridan Institute, Oakville.   at Joshua Creek Heritage Art    
    Centre, Oakville