Curated by Evan Tyler, Nov. 9 - Dec. 1, 2012 Common Thread International Exhibition
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gallerywest   Sharon Moodie   Asun Sánchez   Asun Sánchez
    Toronto, Ontario   Mairena del Aljarafe, Seville   Mairena del Aljarafe, Seville
Asun Sánchez   Installation View   Installation View   Sharon Moodie
Mairena del Aljarafe, Seville           Toronto, Ontario
Emily Martin   Emily Martin   Pat Hertzberg   Installation View
Oshawa, Ontario   Oshawa, Ontario   Mississauga, Ontario    
Marie Bergstedt   Marie Bergstedt   Marie Bergstedt   Molly Grundy
San Francisco, California   San Francisco, California   San Francisco, California   Toronto, Ontario
Marianne Burlew   Marianne Burlew   Marianne Burlew   Marianne Burlew
Thornhill, Ontario   Thornhill, Ontario   Thornhill, Ontario   Thornhill, Ontario
Emily Martin   Emily Martin   Meghan Macdonald   Marianne Burlew
Oshawa, Ontario   Oshawa, Ontario   Halifax, Nova Scotia   Thornhill, Ontario
Britta Fluevog   Kaija Rautiainen   Jennifer Hirschmann   Jennifer Hirschmann
Vancouver, British Columbia   Vancouver, British Columbia   Winter Park, Florida   Winter Park, Florida
Sharon Moodie   Sharon Moodie   Installation View    
Toronto, Ontario   Toronto, Ontario   Toronto, Ontario    


Common Thread International Exhibitions

The question posed raised concerns regarding the representation of icons and iconic images that transform and become subverted by culture throughout time. When considering the question: "Where were you when Amy Winehouse died?" we may have been asking a literal question regarding time and place, but in actuality, we could also have been asking a larger metaphorical question. Where are any of us when someone or something of a great cultural influence collapses and how do we deal with such an event?

The exhibition, "Where were you when Amy Winehouse died?" explored ideas of representation, embodiment, pop culture and shifting iconographies. The World of Threads Festival in Toronto naturally led itself to this theme through the use of fibre art that may be perceived as a duality – although appearing indestructible and strong, holding within its fabric, fragility and weakness.

The death of Amy Winehouse, English singer and songwriter, presented a tragedy that challenged the line between confidence and strength with insecurity and vulnerability. The present expansion of pop culture and its associated icons is possible because of the rapid increase in various forms of telecommunication. The new "threads of society" are now embodied in the Internet and cell phone usage, and powered by increasing computer capability. While these technologies help to bind us together, they are not adequate substitutes for the more traditional "threads of society" that support human endeavour. For those we must look elsewhere.

The nature of modern society is that it is much like a woven fabric and like a textile, it has both strengths and weaknesses. In addition, it is a fabric that is in a state of constant evolution, changing rapidly, creating new strengths, while others weaken. It is within this evolving social fabric that all of us live our lives, sometimes supported and sometimes restrained. The tragic death of Amy Winehouse, while predictable and perhaps inevitable, revealed that while within our modern society her lifestyle was possible, the social fabric was not sufficient to prevent her demise.

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Gareth Bate Design



gallerywest joined the festival for 2012. This Toronto project space in the Queen Street West gallery district is intended to facilitate exciting new contemporary art shows in a wide variety of mediums.

Special Thanks to gallerywest Liaison Evan Tyler.