Curated by Dawne Rudman & Gareth Bate, Nov. 2 - 25, 2012 Common Thread International Exhibition
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  Photography: Gareth Bate Design
Nathan Johns   Installation View   Cath Adele   Cath Adele
Winnipeg, Manitoba       Peterborough, Ontario   Peterborough, Ontario
Cath Adele   Installation View   Marie Bergstedt   Marie Bergstedt
Peterborough, Ontario       San Francisco, California   San Francisco, California
Kit Vincent   Kit Vincent   Installation View   Kit Vincent
Elizabethtown, Ontario   Elizabethtown, Ontario       Elizabethtown, Ontario
Kit Vincent   Kit Vincent   Installation View   Cliodhna Quinlan
Elizabethtown, Ontario   Elizabethtown, Ontario       Kilmacanogue, Co. Wicklow,
Denise Lithgow   Joanne Young   Installation View   Installation View
Sydney, New South Wales,   Kitchener, Ontario        
Micaela Fitzsimmons   Micaela Fitzsimmons   Barbara Rehus   Lois Schklar
Mitchell, Ontario   Mitchell, Ontario   St. Catharines, Ontario   Toronto, Ontario
Alice Vander Vennen   Alice Vander Vennen   Joe Lewis   Joe Lewis
Cobourg, Ontario, Canada   Cobourg, Ontario, Canada   Toronto, Ontario, Canada   Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Micaela Fitzsimmons   Ali Rabjohns   Judy Martin   Judy Martin
Mitchell, Ontario   Barncroft, East Sussex,   Manitoulin Island, Ontario   Manitoulin Island, Ontario.
Faye Jacobs   Sheree Rasmussen   Sheree Rasmussen   Sheree Rasmussen
Peterborough, Ontario   Castleton Ontario   Castleton Ontario   Castleton Ontario
Erin Verlis   Line Dufour   Karen LeBlanc   Karen LeBlanc
London, Ontario   Holland Landing, Ontario   Fredericton, New Brunswick   Fredericton, New Brunswick
Karen Cummings   Karen Cummings   Pat Loucks   Pat Loucks
Cambridge, Ontario   Cambridge, Ontario   Bedford, Nova Scotia, Canada   Bedford, Nova Scotia, Canada
Melanie Baker   Patricia Fluter   Juana Sleizer   Jacqueline Treloar
Pickering, Ontario   Calgary, Alberta   Toronto, Ontario   Toronto, Ontario, Canada


Curatorial Statement

The decision to carefully curate our exhibitions with specific themes left many artists unselected. There was so much exciting and unique work that we couldn't bare not to show it! We decided to expand the Festival into the Halls of Queen Elizabeth Park Community and Cultural Centre. This diverse collection of work featured 25 artists from Australia, Canada, Ireland, United Kingdom, and the USA.

Download the 2012 Festival Exhibition Brochure.


Common Thread International Exhibitions

The Common Thread International exhibitions are the flagship shows of the World of Threads Festival. Hundreds of artists from around the world submitted bodies of work, installations or individual pieces to the Festival. Multiple curators from various Oakville and Toronto galleries created exciting exhibitions based on their own unique interests. We bring international contemporary fibre art to Oakville and the Toronto area as well as highlight the strength of our local artists.







The Variegated Threads Exhibition was held in the Corridor Galleries, and in the front and back lounges at Queen Elizabeth Park Community and Cultural Centre Oakville's newest cultural centre which opened in April 2012. A huge variety of media from quilts to tapestries to site-specific installations were displayed.

Special Thanks:
Gallery Liaisons:
Tonia Di Risio & Preeya Nayee.
Exhibition Installers:
Gareth Bate, Dawne Rudman, Irene Brayne, Judy Brydon, Lynne Calvert, Preeya Nayee, Tonia DiRisio.
Facilities Staff: Julie Ascah, Mike Besic, Lori Coletta, Adrian Duplessis, Susan Fanelli, Tina Field, Chris Fontes, Kamal Fox, Tony Luis, Mitch MacKenzie, Dan Miotto, Don Pearce, Dave Rookyard, Michael Sanserverino, James Schulze, Blake Talbot, Joe La Vergne, John Vidal.