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For 38 weeks we have been interviewing a new local, national or international fibre artist. Join us as we create a comprehensive archive of some of the most exciting fibre artists in the world. Subscribe here...


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Interview 38: Edith Meusnier is a French textile and environmental artist. After participating in numerous international exhibitions of art and textile design, she left Paris in 1996 to live in a small village in the clearing of a Picardy forest. She turned to working exclusively outside, making her garden a real testing ground. Her work leaves the private sphere to register in the collective space and from that time, she is recognized for her "Paysages┬ád'artifice ". Her installations in confrontation with the environmental sites, make up a paradoxical and random environment that questions the notions of sustainability and vulnerability. more...


Next Year's Festival

Oakville: Nov. 2-18, 2012
Toronto: Nov. 9-25, 2012

Oakville & Toronto, Ontario, Canada
The World of Threads Festival is one of the most vibrant fibre arts festivals in the world. We showcase contemporary fibre art in all forms. The 2009 festival had 14 exhibitions, and 190+ artists from 13 countries and 8 provinces. The flagship exhibitions are the Common Thread International exhibitions.


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Sculpture, Installation, Earth Works, Quilting, Paper Work, Weaving, Hooking, Knitting, Embroidery, Lace-making, Crocheting, Felting, Mixed Media, Wearable Art, Basketry, Recycling Materials, Plastics Manipulation, Conceptual Work and Performance. We have also included work in other media which is inspired by the aesthetic or techniques of fibre.


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Countries: Belgium, Canada, China, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Japan, Lithuania, The Netherlands, Poland, Switzerland, Turkey, USA.

Canadian Provinces: Alberta, British Columbia, New Brunswich, Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, Ontario, Quebec, Saskatchewan.